Physiotherapy Prices:

Initial Client appointment - £60 for 45 minutes

Follow up appointment - £50 for 30 minutes

Pilates Prices:

1:1 one hour Pilates sessions

-          Single session: £50 (at home*) or £45 (in the studio)

-          Block of three: £140 (at home*) or £125 (in the studio)

-          Block of six: £255 (at home*) or £240 (in the studio)

This includes Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Antenatal and Postnatal Pilates.

* only available for SW16 residents

Conditions Treated:

Back & neck pain

Shoulder injuries

Knee/ ankle injuries

Joint, ligament and muscle injury

Sports injuries

Repetitive strain injuries

Biomechanical issues

Advice re correct training postures

BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo)

Services offered:


Maitland-based joint mobilisation

Joint and soft tissue manipulation

Muscle energy techniques

Posture advice/ ‘correction’

Biomechanical & gait analysis

Sports massage


Tailored exercise programme